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The special treatment of HI-MAX Extra, eliminates the friction that is formed in the drivers during 
the throwing and the recovery by offering us a long lifespan of the line and maintaining its strength.
The special UV Resistance coating protects it from the sun, making the HI-MAX Extra a fishing line
which will remain in our mechanism for a long time, retaining all its features, even over time.
It is considered the best monofilament line in the world.

Very strong construction from MIJ Nylon.
Special treatment of external protection.
Low friction Resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
Resistant to shocks and abrasions.
It does not hold memory "


Diameter mm Test kg Meters/ Spool
0.203 3.80 300mtr
0.261 5.72 300mtr
0.309 7.86 300mtr
0.369 10.67 300mtr
0.405 12.54 300mtr
0.495 17.43 300mtr