Product Returns

In the case of a proven mistake by our company, we will refund you in full the money corresponding to the value of the order and the shipping costs. In the event that any error on the part of our company does not arise, only the amount of money corresponding to the value of the products is returned, while the shipping costs are borne exclusively by the customer. In the event that the product has a defect, a replacement is made in consultation with our company on the phones 2243022496 and 6946468929, or by e-mail. Returns are accepted by agreement and only if the products are unused and in their original condition. The return is always made with one of the cooperating courier companies of the store. In the event that the customer wishes to use a different company from those cooperating with, then the shipping costs are borne by him and the store reserves the right not to receive the package. If the product is used or the original packaging is damaged, the return is not accepted. Your refunds are made within 10 days of receiving the products. In the event that the return is not made within the time period (10) of ten calendar days from the day of receipt or some of the return conditions are not met, has the right not to accept the products back and not to proceed in their place. Before returning the product, you should contact the store.

Product sending

As long as the store has been contacted by phone, pack and send the package with the product with one of the cooperating courier companies. Inside the package you will have placed a note in which to inform us of the problem that has arisen with the returned product as long as the product meets the return conditions. In case the package arrives and it turns out that the return conditions do not apply, the product will not be accepted as explained in detail above. It will be returned to the customer and the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Cancellation or Modification of Order

The cancellation or modification of an order can be done at any time, except in the case where the order has already been delivered to the courier company. In this case, the customer has the obligation to receive the order and then proceed with the return process, as described above. For the cases of cancellation or modification of an order that has not yet been shipped, the buyer can contact the store in time via email or by calling 2243022496 and one of our associates will take care of canceling your order.